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Video Game Connection - Support & FAQS

Here you will find various questions and answers regarding the various sections of our site. If you have other questions NOT answered here, please use the CONTACT US form! Thank you!


Q: I don't see a link to take me back to the MAIN site from the other sections?

A: Good question, it is pretty easy. We have alot of stuff on the site, and each section has its own individual menu for thier specific functions. So, to avoid cramming alot of repetitive links on each page, all you need to do to go back to the MAIN INDEX, is just click on the ROUND VGC LOGO in the header!! :)

Q: How come some of the game lists I click to view, are not showing or show coding errors?

A: You shouldn't be getting errors now. They were NOT coding errors. It was just the site telling us what pages still needed to be completed. But, as stated in the "Latest News" on the Main Page, we are still going through construction. This is a sign of the construction as we prepare for "OPERATION: GO". Some lists and sections you will find still unavailable as of yet. We are still in the process of compiling the long game lists and various other uncompleted sections.

Q: What is "OPERATION: GO" that I have been hearing so much about?

A: "OPERATION: GO" is our GRAND OPENING day. You will see the countdown to it on the main site.

Q: How come the site is available to the public and not finished?

A: The old site was out of date, and we are so excited about the new site that we wanted to get some feedback from it. As well as put it through its testing stages during the renovation.

Q: When I click on specific game lists, the page just seems to sit there idol and does nothing else?

A: Actually the page is sending you the data of the long game lists that have already been compilied. You have dial up internet service and you are not giving it time to load in. Give it about a few more seconds the list will load in. I have tested it on both Dial Up AND Broadband and, YES there is a difference. Broadband loads the page almost instantly, as dial up is slower. We will be looking in to that in the future to stream line that even more. .

Q: I noticed that on the game lists there is a column for PIC but there isn't anything in there? What is that for?

A: The PIC column is for future additions to the game lists! They will have links to pictures of the games.

Q: How do I order an item off the Main Section of the site?

A: The inventory you see on the game lists displayed on the main page, constantly changes. If you see a PRICE by a particular game then that means it was in stock on the last update. You can always email Mike on the Contact Us page to check on the availability of a specific item..


Q: With the site going through renovation, can I still order some game accessories before "OPERATION: GO" ?

A: By all means! : )

Q: What is the shipping costs and pricing policies on your accessories?

A: All shipping is FREE for ALL accessories, in the local states. Please see the INFORMATION section in the ACCESSORIES STORE for more information regarding shipping and pricing.

Q: What forms of payment do you take for purchasing Accessories?

A: We do take PAY PAL. You will see the PAY PAL link on the bottom of the order form once the order is complete.

Q: What if I don't have a Pay Pal account? Will I still be able to order?

A: Sure, though we feel that Pay Pal is a FAST way for you to get your needed game accessory, check out the information page for more info!


Q: I registered on the forum but my account was deleted a few days later?

A: Your account would have been only deleted if you did not activate it. When you register to the forum, you will get an email that will allow you to activate your account. You have up to 36 hours to acknowledge that activation.

Q: What are the TOKENS for being offered on the forum? And what are they used for?

A: The TOKENS are like virtual currency. They are used all over the forum. They are used to play the games in the Arcade, and can be used for buying virtual items from the various Virtual Shops that are in the forum, to collect and display on your profile. The TOKENS are also used for playing the lottery.

Q: I want to play more games and I don' t have enough TOKENS, How do I get more ?

A: POST!! POST!! POST!! : ) Well though that is one SURE WAY of getting TOKENS, there is other ways too, winning the lottery, getting HIgh scores on the games in the arcade, or getting donations from a buddy! :)

If you have virtual items in your collection you want to trade off for TOKENS, you can post what items you wanna sell or trade, in the Virtual Item Trade forum. Then other users can use the SHOP link to make a private TRADE REQUEST with you. There you can approve or deny the trade request. :)

Q: What are the rules of the forum? And the guidelines I should follow?

A: All answers to those questions, and others you may have regarding anything about the forum, will be be found in the various post by the Administrator or Forum Moderators, in the IMPORTANT READ ME! catagory of the forum itself.

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