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Video Game Connection - User Reviews

Here is where you can view previous 'User Reviews'.

All Game/Accessorie Review items will be kept in this list for future reference.

When submitting reviews, here are some rules to follow:

You must be a registered user on our forum.

You need to provide your name and your FORUM ID NAME when submitting your review, (your forum id name will be the name published with your review).

The brand of console/system you are reviewing the game/accessory on.

We also need your "0-5 Star Rating". ("0" meaning worst)

For more rules and privacy information regarding submission of reviews, you can read our "Policies" and also our "Support" sections.

Review Archive List Link
[XB] Counter-Strike by Dog - 05/25/2008 X
[XB360] The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles by Marriott_Guy - 05/04/2007 X
[PSX] King’s Field II by Marriott_Guy - 03/21/2007 X
DisneyQuest Arcade at Disney World in Florida by DigitalDaredevil - 02/21/2007 X
[PSX] King’s Field by Marriott_Guy - 02/21/2007 X
[PSX] Suikoden (RPG) by Marriott_Guy - 02/02/2007 X
[XB] Star Wars Battlefront by Dog - 08/24/2006 X
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