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Odyssey 2
Rarity Key Legend:
C : Common ER : Extremely Rare
U : Uncommon UR : Unbelievable Rare
R : Rare UP : Unreleased Prototype

# Odyssey 2 Rarities Key Company
1 4 In One Row ER Videopac
2 Air Battle ER Videopac
3 Air-Sea War/Battle ER Videopac
4 Alien Invaders---Plus! C Magnavox
5 Alpine Skiing! U Magnavox
6 American Football ER Videopac
7 Atlantis ER Imagic
8 Attack of the Timelord! ER Magnavox
9 Backgammon ER Videopac
10 Baseball ER Videopac
11 Baseball! C Magnavox
12 Basket Game ER Videopac
13 Battlefield ER Videopac
14 Blackjack ER Videopac
15 Blackjack! R Magnavox
16 Blobbers ER Videopac
17 Blockout!/Breakdown! C Magnavox
18 Bowling!/Basketball! U Magnavox
19 Casino Slot Machine! U Magnavox
20 Catch the Ball/Noughts and Crosses ER Videopac
21 Chess ER Videopac
22 Chez Maxime ER Jopac
23 Chinese Logic ER Videopac
24 Computer Golf! U Magnavox
25 Computer Intro! U Magnavox
26 Computer Programmer ER Videopac
27 Conquest of the World ER Videopac
28 Conquest of the World! U Magnavox
29 Cosmic Conflict ER Videopac
30 Cosmic Conflict! C Magnavox
31 Crazy Chase ER Videopac
32 Dam Buster ER Videopac
33 Demon Attack ER Imagic
34 Demon Attack Plus ER Jopac
35 Depth Charge/Marksman ER Videopac
36 Dynasty! U Magnavox
37 Electronic Billiards ER Videopac
38 Electronic Hockey/Electronic Soccer ER Videopac
39 Electronic Table Football ER Videopac
40 Electronic Table Soccer! R Magnavox
41 Electronic Volleyball ER Videopac
42 Exojet Plus ER Jopac
43 Flipper Game ER Videopac
44 Football! U Magnavox
45 Freedom Fighters ER Videopac
46 Freedom Fighters! C Magnavox
47 Frogger ER Parker Bros.
48 Golf ER Videopac
49 Gunfighter ER Videopac
50 Helicopter ER Videopac
51 Hockey!/Soccer! U Magnavox
52 Invaders From Hyperspace! C Magnavox
53 I've Got Your Number! R Magnavox
54 Jumping Acrobats ER Videopac
55 K.C. Munchkin! C Magnavox
56 K.C.'s Krazy Chase! (voice) U Magnavox
57 Keyboard Creations ER Magnavox
58 Killer Bees ER Videopac
59 Killer Bees! (voice) ER Magnavox
60 Labyrinth Game/Supermind RE Videopac
61 Las Vegas Gambling ER Videopac
62 Laser War ER Videopac
63 Looney Balloon ER Videopac
64 Matchmaker!/Buzzword!/Logix! C Magnavox
65 Math-a-Magic!/Echo! R Magnavox
66 Mathematician/Echo ER Videopac
67 Microcat ER Videopac
68 Monkeyshines ER Videopac
69 Monkeyshines! R Magnavox
70 Morse ER Videopac
71 Mousing Cat ER Videopac
72 Munchkin ER Videopac
73 Musician ER Videopac
74 Neutron Star ER Videopac
75 Newscaster ER Videopac
76 Nightmare ER Videopac
77 Nimble Numbers Ned! (voice) ER Magnavox
78 Norseman ER Videopac
79 Out of This World!/Helicopter Rescue! R Magnavox
80 P.T. Barnum's Acrobats (voice) ER Magnavox
81 Pachinko! R Magnavox
82 Pairs/Space Rendezvous/Logic ER Videopac
83 Pick Axe Pete ER Videopac
84 Pick Axe Pete! U Magnavox
85 Playschool Math ER Videopac
86 Pocket Billiards R Magnavox
87 Popeye ER Parker Bros.
88 Power Lords ER Magnavox
89 Q*Bert ER Parker Bros.
90 Quest for the Rings ER Videopac
91 Race/Spinout/Cryptogram ER Videopac
92 Samurai ER Videopac
93 Satellite Attack ER Videopac
94 Secret of the Pharoahs ER Videopac
95 Showdown in 2100 A.D. C Magnavox
96 Sid the Spellbinder ER Magnavox
97 Skiing ER Videopac
98 Smithereens (voice) ER Magnavox
99 Space Monster ER Videopac
100 Speedway!/Spin-Out!/Crypto-Logic! C Magnavox
101 Stone Sling ER Videopac
102 Sub Chase!/Armored Encounter! C Magnavox
103 Super Bee ER Videopac
104 Super Cobra ER Parker Bros.
105 Syracuse ER Jopac
106 Take the Money and Run ER Videopac
107 Take the Money and Run! U Magnavox
108 Ten Pin Bowling/Basketball ER Videopac
109 Terrahawks ER Videopac
110 The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt ER Videopac
111 The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt R Magnavox
112 The Quest for the Rings! U Magnavox
113 The Voice of Odyssey2 R Magnavox
114 Thunderball! R Magnavox
115 Turtles ER Videopac
116 Turtles ER Magnavox
117 Type & Tell! (voice) R Magnavox
118 UFO! U Magnavox
119 Volleyball! R Magnavox
120 War of Nerves! U Magnavox

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