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Atari 5200
Rarity Key Legend:
C : Common ER : Extremely Rare
U : Uncommon UR : Unbelievable Rare
R : Rare UP : Unreleased Prototype

# Atari 5200 Rarities Key Company
1 Astro Chase R Parker Bros
2 Ballblazer R Lucas
3 Beamrider ER Activision
4 Berzerk U Atari
5 Blueprint R CBS
6 Bounty Bob Strikes Back ER Big Five
7 Buck Rogers:Planet of Zoom R Sega
8 Centipede C Atari
9 Choplifter R Atari
10 Congo Bongo R Sega
11 Countermeasure C Atari
12 Decathlon U Activision
13 Defender C Atari
14 Diagnostic Cartridge ER Atari
15 Dig Dug C Atari
16 Dreadnaught Factor R Activision
17 Football C Atari
18 Frogger C Parker Bros
19 Frogger II: ThreeDeep! ER Parker Bros
20 Galaxian C Atari
21 Gorf R CBS
22 Gremlins ER Atari
23 Gyruss R Parker Bros
24 H.E.R.O. R Activision
25 James Bond 007 ER Parker Bros
26 Joust C Atari
27 Jungle Hunt U Atari
28 K-Razy Shootout ER CBS
29 Kaboom U Activision
30 Kangaroo C Atari
31 Keystone Kapers U Activision
32 Mario Bros U Atari
33 Megamania U Activision
34 Meteorites UR Electra ConceptsR
35 Miner 2049er R Big Five
36 Missile Command C Atari
37 Montezuma's Revenge R Parker Bros
38 Moon Patrol C Atari
39 Mountain King R CBS
40 Mr. Do's Castle ER Parker Bros
41 Ms. Pacman C Atari
42 Pacman C Atari
43 Pengo R Atari
44 Pitfall U Activision
45 Pitfall II R Activision
46 Pole Position C Atari
47 Popeye C Parker Bros
48 Q*Bert C Parker Bros
49 Qix C Atari
50 Quest For Quintana Roo ER Sunrise
51 Realsport Baseball C Atari
52 Realsport Football C Atari
53 Realsport Soccer C Atari
54 Realsport Tennis U Atari
55 Rescue on Fractalus ER Lucas
56 River Raid U Activision
57 Robotron 2084 U Atari
58 Soccer U Atari
59 Space Dungeon U Atari
60 Space Invaders C Atari
61 Space Shuttle U Activision
62 Star Raiders C Atari
63 Star Trek R Sega
64 Star Wars Death Star ER Parker Bros
65 Star Wars The Arcade R Parker Bros
66 Super Breakout C Atari
67 Super Cobra R Parker Bros
68 Vanguard U Atari
69 Wizard of Wor R CBS
70 Zaxxon ER Sega
71 Zenji ER Activision
72 Zone Ranger R Activision

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