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Other Games Online
Rarity Key Legend:
C : Common ER : Extremely Rare
U : Uncommon UR : Unbelievable Rare
R : Rare UP : Unreleased Prototype

# Intellivision Rarities Key Company
1 ABPA Backgammon R Mattel
2 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons U Mattel
3 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Tarmen U Mattel
4 Armor Battle C Mattel
5 Armor Battle R Sears
6 Astrosmash U Mattel
7 Astrosmash R Sears
8 Atlantis U Imagic
9 Auto Racing U Mattel
10 Auto Racing U Sears
11 B-17 Bomber U Mattel
12 Backgammon R Sears
13 Baseball U Sears
14 BASIC UR Mattel
15 Basic Meets Bits 'n Bytes ER Mattel
16 Basketball U Sears
17 Basketball ? White Label Mattel
18 Beamrider R Activision
19 Beauty &the Beast U Imagic
20 Big League Baseball R INTV
21 Blockade Runner R Interphase
22 Blueprint ER CBS
23 Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling ER INTV
24 Bomb Squad U Mattel
25 Bowling R Sears
26 Boxing R Sears
27 Boxing U Mattel
28 Bump 'n' Jump U Mattel
29 Bump 'n' Jump ? White Label Mattel
30 BurgerTime U Mattel
31 BurgerTime ? White Label Mattel
32 Buzz Bombers R Mattel
33 Carnival R CBS
34 Carnival C Coleco
35 Centipede R Atarisoft
36 Championship Tennis ER INTV
37 Checkers R Mattel
38 Checkers R Sears
39 Chip Shot Super Pro Golf ER INTV
40 Commando ER INTV
41 Computer Module R Mattel
42 Congo Bongo R Sega
43 Cosmic Avenger ? CBS
44 Cosmic Avenger ? Coleco
45 Defender R Atarisoft
46 Defender ER INTV
47 Demon Attack U Imagic
48 Dig Dug ER INTV
49 Dig Dug ER Atarisoft
50 Diner ER INTV
51 Donkey Kong C Coleco
52 Donkey Kong ER CBS
53 Donkey Kong Jr. ER CBS
54 Donkey Kong Junior R Coleco
55 Dracula ER Imagic
56 Dragonfire U Imagic
57 Draughts ER Mattel
58 Dungeons &Dragons ? White Label Mattel
59 Dungeons &Dragons Treasures of Tarmin ? White Label Mattel
60 Fathom ER Imagic
61 Football U Sears
62 Football ? White Label Mattel
63 Frog Bog U Sears
64 Frog Bog U Mattel
65 Frogger C Parker Bros.
66 Frogger ER INTV
67 Golf U Sears
68 Gorf ? CBS
69 Happy Trails R Activision
70 Hockey R Sears
71 Horse Racing U Mattel
72 Horse Racing ? White Label Mattel
73 Horse Racing R Sears
74 Hover Force ER INTV
75 Ice Trek R Imagic
76 Intellivision main unit U Mattel
77 IntelliVoice (brown) U Mattel
78 James Bond 007 As Seen in Octopussy ? Parker Bros.
79 Kool-Aid Man R Mattel
80 Lady Bug ER CBS
81 Lady Bug U Coleco
82 Las Vegas Poker &Blackjack C Mattel
83 Las Vegas Poker &Blackjack U Sears
84 Las Vegas Roulette U Sears
85 Las Vegas Roulette U Mattel
86 Learning Fun Album I ER INTV
87 Learning Fun Album II ER INTV
88 Lock 'n' Chase C Mattel
89 Loco-Motion U Mattel
90 Major League Baseball C Mattel
91 Masters of the Universe: He-Man U Mattel
92 Math Fun ? White Label Mattel
93 Melody Blaster ER Mattel
94 Microsurgeon U Imagic
95 Mind Strike ER Mattel
96 Mission X U Mattel
97 Mission X ? White Label Mattel
98 Moonsweeper ER Imagic
99 Motocross U Mattel
100 Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing ER INTV
101 Mouse Trap ER CBS
102 Mouse Trap U Coleco
103 Music Synthesizer ER Mattel
104 NASL Soccer U Mattel
105 NBA Basketball U Mattel
106 NFL Football C Mattel
107 NHL Hockey C Mattel
108 Night Stalker ? White Label Mattel
109 Night Stalker C Mattel
110 Night Stalker R Sears
111 Nova Blast U Imagic
112 Pac-Man R Atarisoft
113 Pac-Man ER INTV
114 PBA Bowling C Mattel
115 PGA Golf C Mattel
116 Pinball U Mattel
117 Pitfall! U Activision
118 Poker ? White Label Mattel
119 Pole Position ER Atarisoft
120 Pole Position ER INTV
121 Popeye ER Parker Bros.
122 Q*bert C Parker Bros.
123 Reversi U Mattel
124 River Raid R Activision
125 Rocky &Bullwinkle UR Mattel
126 Royal Dealer C Mattel
127 Safecracker R Imagic
128 Scooby Doo's Maze Chase ER Mattel
129 Sea Battle C Mattel
130 Sea Battle U Sears
131 Sewer Sam R Interphase
132 Shark! Shark! R Mattel
133 Sharp Shot (white label) R Mattel
134 Skiing R Sears
135 Skiing C Mattel
136 Skiing ? White Label Mattel
137 Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball ER INTV
138 Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey ER INTV
139 Smurf ? Coleco
140 Snafu C Mattel
141 Soccer R Sears
142 Space Armada C Mattel
143 Space Armada R Sears
144 Space Battle R Sears
145 Space Battle U Mattel
146 Space Battle ? White Label Mattel
147 Space Hawk U Mattel
148 Space Hawk R Sears
149 Space Shuttle ER Activision
150 Space Spartans U Mattel
151 Spiker Super Pro Volleyball ER INTV
152 Stadium Mud Buggies ER INTV
153 Stampede U Activision
154 Star Strike C Mattel
155 Star Strike ? White Label Mattel
156 Star Strike R Sears
157 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back U Parker Bros.
158 Sub Hunt R Sears
159 Sub Hunt C Mattel
160 Sub Hunt ? White Label Mattel
161 Super Cobra NR Parker Bros.
162 Super Pro Decathlon ER INTV
163 Super Pro Football ER INTV
164 Swords &Serpents ER Imagic
165 System Changer UR Mattel
166 Tennis R Sears
167 Tennis C Mattel
168 The Dreadnaught Factor R Activision
169 The Electric Company Math Fun R Mattel
170 The Electric Company Word Fun R Mattel
171 The Jetsons' Way With Words ER Mattel
172 Thin Ice ER INTV
173 Thunder Castle (White Labeled) ER Mattel
174 Tower of Doom ER INTV
175 Triple Action C Mattel
176 Triple Challenge ER INTV
177 TRON Deadly Discs C Mattel
178 TRON Deadly Discs ? White Label Mattel
179 TRON Maze-A-Tron R Mattel
180 TRON Solar Sailer R Mattel
181 Tropical Trouble ER Imagic
182 Truckin' ER Imagic
183 Turbo ER Coleco
184 Tutankham NR Parker Bros.
185 U.S. Ski Team Skiing C Mattel
186 USCF Chess R Mattel
187 Utopia C Mattel
188 Utopia U Sears
189 Vectron R Mattel
190 Venture C Coleco
191 Venture ER CBS
192 White Water! ER Imagic
193 Wizard of Wor ? CBS
194 World Championship Baseball U Mattel
195 World Championship Baseball ? White Label Mattel
196 World Cup Soccer ER INTV
197 World Series Major League Baseball ER Mattel
198 Worm Whomper R Activision
199 Yogi's Frustration UR Mattel
200 Zaxxon ER CBS
201 Zaxxon R Coleco

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