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Video Game Connection - Museum : GameLine Master Module

GameLine Master Module

The Incredible New Way To Play Video Games

GameLine brings an endless stream of video games into your home - through your telephone!

Select the video game of your choice for instant home play.

Preview tommorow's hottest games today. Try them at home so you'll know what to look for in the store.

Works with any telephone - calls are always local or via toll-free 800 number. Your telephone is never tied up for more than a minute.

All game play is billed monthly to your major credit card.

Meets all FCC requirements.

9 volt akaline battery required. Battery not included.

One-time membership fee required to register your Master Module.

The GameLine network lets you compete against other GameLiners anywhere in the country. Find out how good you really are!

Register your best scores and see instantly how you rank locally, regionally -- even nationally.

You could even compete in GameLine's Regional Playoffs or the World Video Game Championship and win terrific prizes.

The Master Module turns your video game console into a communications terminal.

Besides GameLine, you and your family will be able to receive a variety of future educational and informational services -- all with the very same Master Module.

*Telephone requires modular (plug-in) jack.

For use with the ATARI 2600 VCS and compatible video game consoles including Sears Video Arcade, ColecoVision with Expansion Module NO.1, Coleco Gemini, Intellivision with System Changer and Columbia Home Arcade.

*Photos by Osmodiar

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