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Atari 7800
Rarity Key Legend:
C : Common ER : Extremely Rare
U : Uncommon UR : Unbelievable Rare
R : Rare UP : Unreleased Prototype

# Atari 7800 Rarities Key Company
1 Ace of Aces U Atari
2 Alien Brigade R Atari
3 Asteroids C Atari
4 Ballblazer C Atari
5 Barnyard Blaster U Atari
6 Basketbrawl R Atari
7 Centipede C Atari
8 Choplifter C Atari
9 Commando R Atari
10 Crack 'ed U Atari
11 Crossbow U Atari
12 Dark Chambers C Atari
13 Desert Falcon C Atari
14 Dig Dug C Atari
15 Donkey Kong C Atari
16 Donkey Kong Jr. C Atari
17 Double Dragon R Activision
18 F-18 Hornet R Absolute
19 Fatal Run R Atari
20 Fight Night U Atari
21 Food Fight U Atari
22 Galaga C Atari
23 Hat Trick C Atari
24 Ikari Warriors R Atari
25 Impossible Mission U Atari
26 Jinks C Atari
27 Joust C Atari
28 Karateka U Atari
29 Klax ER Atari
30 Kung Fu Master R Absolute
31 Mario Bros. U Atari
32 Mat Mania Challenge R Atari
33 Mean 18 Golf R Atari
34 Meltdown U Atari
35 Midnight Mutants R Atari
36 Motor Psycho R Atari
37 Ms. Pac-man C Atari
38 Ninja Golf R Atari
39 One on One Basketball C Atari
40 Pete Rose Baseball R Atari
41 Planet Smashers R Atari
42 Pole Position II C Atari
43 Rampage U Atari
44 Realsports Baseball C Atari
45 Robotron 2084 C Atari
46 Scrapyard Dog U Atari
47 Sentinel ER Atari
48 Summer Games U Atari
49 Super Huey UH-IX U Atari
50 Super Skateboardin' U Absolute
51 Tank Command ER Froggo
52 Title Match Pro Wrestling U Absolute
53 Tomcat F-14 Simulator U Absolute
54 Touchdown Football U Atari
55 Tower Toppler C Atari
56 Water Ski ER Froggo
57 Winter Games U Atari
58 Xenophobe U Atari
59 Xevious C Atari

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