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Atari 2600
   Fantastic Voyage       

20th Century Fox
Games of the Century
(Picture of human eye with three people in "space" suits falling thru the
Game Instructions
Fox Video Games

{Page 1}

Set up your video game system and left joystick controller as instructed
in your manufacturer owner's manual. Turn the power OFF and insert the
Fantastic Voyage game cartridge.

[screen shot showing game. See end of manual for my rendition of the
characters in ASCII format.]

Turn the power ON. Use the Game Select lever to select a play option.
(The difficulty switches are not used in Fantastic Voyage.) Press the
Game Reset lever or the joystick button to leave the Demo Mode and
compose yourself. You are about to become very tiny.

You and your submarine are to be injected into the bloodstream of a
critically ill patient. Your mission is to blast your way through
several phases of artery obstacles and destroy a life threatening Blood Clot.

Once inside the patient's bloodstream, your sub will be carried along in
a steady forward motion. Tilt the joystick forward to increase your
speed or backward to slow down or back up slightly. Your sub is equipped
with medical technology's finest laser ray. Press the joystick button to
activate it. Hold the button down for continuous fire. You may pause the
game at any time during the play by flipping the Color/B-W switch.

There are six play options which can be selected at any time by pressing
the Game Select lever.

{Page 2}

OPTION 1 = Normal Game
OPTION 2 = Extended Normal Game
OPTION 3 = Difficult Version For Advanced Players
OPTION 4 = Extended Difficult Version
OPTION 5 = Easy Game for Beginners
OPTION 6 = Extended Easy Game

In the extended option, the first five phases of your voyage are longer.
In the difficult options, you will face more obstacles on your journey to
the Blood Clot. In the easy options, collisions cause less damage to the
patient and there is no time penalty. Each time you destroy a Blood
Clot, you are given the chance to save another patient in that same play

While in the Demo Mode, the play option is shown at the top of the
screen. The score is displayed there while the game is in play. A Time
Clock is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. A Heart
Monitor is located in the bottom center and a Patients Saved tally is in
the bottom right corner.

The Heart Monitor is a graphic display of the patients condition.
Patients begin each game with a strong, steady heartbeat. EACH TIME YOUR
Phases/Obstacles section describes additional qualities of each
object.) Every time the slower hand of the TIme Clock completes a cycle,
the patient also loses strength. A flat heart rate means that you have
lost the patient and the game is over.
[screen shot showing game. See end of manual for my rendition of the
characters in ASCII format]

Points are awarded for shooting obstacles and bonus points are gained for
completing each phase. The stronger the patient's heartbeat upon
completion, the higher the bonus. Be sure to record your high scores on
the back of this booklet.

{Page 3}
No matter which play option you choose, you will have to travel through
several phases to reach your goal, the dreaded Blood Clot. When
operating on your first patient you must battle your way through phases
1,2,5 and 6. Phase 3 is added on to your second journey to the Blood
Clot in that same play option. From your third voyage on, you must
navigate all six phases.
[screen shot]

ENZYMES: You should attempt to shoot any Enzyme you see in order to
release its healing properties. Blasting Enzymes is the only way you can
restore lost strength to the patient. Allowing one to pass you by has no
adverse effects. Enzymes are present in phases 1 through 5.

ANTIBODIES: These are released when your sub touches the artery wall.
Destroy as many as possible for those allowed to pass by will steal
strength from your patient. Antibodies are present in phases 1 through 5.

PHASE 1: DEFENSE CELLS from the patient's primary immune system are
released from the artery walls as you approach. You may blast these with
your laser for points, although the patient is not harmed if they pass by.

PHASE 2: The plentiful supply of BLOOD CELLS in phase 2 is beneficial to
the patients health. Try not to shoot or touch them as their destruction
will have a negative effect on his condition.

PHASE 3: BACTERIA are an unhealthy addition to the patient's
bloodstream. Any allowed to remain there will decrease your patient's
chance for survival. You must shoot the deadly Bacteria three times to
totally eliminate them. A partially damaged Bacteria allowed to remain
in the system will cause less damage to the patient than a whole Bacteria.

PHASE 4: Defense Cells, Blood Cells, and Bacteria are all present in this
very challenging phase.

PHASE 5: As you near your goal, you will find that the artery begins to
narrow. You must try to navigate throught Phase 5 without touching the
artery wall.

{page 4}

PHASE 6: Small CLOTLETS as well as your final target, the BLOOD CLOT,
await you in phase 6. You must steer carefully through the
indestructible Clotlets to reach the Blood Clot. Be careful! Running
into the Clot is fatal to both you and the patient. FIFTEEN laser blasts
are required to destroy it. All fifteen shots must be fired before the
Heart Monitor goes flat. Then, if your up to it, you can continue with
the next patient.

Avoid the walls. Not only are the Antibodies dangerous, they also cut
down the chance that an Enzyme will appear.

Get close to the Bacteria and the Blood Clot. This allows your laser to
shoot faster. Try to hit each Bacterium at least once, but don't waste
too much time on them. Time is your biggest enemy.

Be ready for each new phase, since each requires a different strategy.

Watch the Heart Monitor. If it begins to go flat, you'll want to speed
ahead instead of shooting for more points.

[this is an area to record high scores]

{page 5}


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Programmed by David Lubar

Program and Audio c1982 Sirius Software, Inc.
Packaging c1982 Fox Video Games, Inc.

Sirius is a Trademark of Sirius Software, Inc.

Fox Video Games, Inc., Saratoga, California 95071
printed in Taiwan

My ASCII renditions of the characters in this game

Submarine Antibody Enzyme
| ___________
||||| + \____/ | |
| | |

Defense Cells Bacteria Clotlets
\___|__|_ \()/
/___|__|_ > / \ 8
/ \__/

Clotlets Blood Clot
### ##############
### ###########
### #################

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